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>> live, local, and late- breaking, this is wbal tv 11 news sunday morning. >> welcome to allow the news. i am lisa robinson. >> we will get to our top stories in a moment. take a look at our game day forecast for a >> good morning. a change in the weather today.
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it went from sunny and hot and temperatures and the nine depots. will feels more like football weather today. let's take a look at hd doppler. rain extending up and down the i-95 corridor. essentially, the rain will catch up to everybody during the day today. mostly cloudy skies. off and on rainshowers. it will not be is steady rain. the high temperatures in the low to mid 70's. we will take a look at the forecast for the upcoming work week. for now, the news desk. >> the people pouring into the city for the game are expecting to bring an influx of business. >> tens of thousands of people will pack the stadium to see the ravens play the browns and the
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home opener. traffic may be difficult, but once you get here, and businesses will be very happy. >> baltimore has been awaiting this home opener. >> it is not just fans that cannot wait, but the businesses that benefit from the tens of thousands who will flock downtown to see their favorite birds fly in the home opener. >> since we are the closest fine dining location to the playing facility, we are that much more excited occurred >> more evidence baltimore's economy depends on the ravens. a study estimates that ravens home games in 2006 helped generate roughly $216 million in business sales. >> people come downtown early. they go into a restaurant before and after the game. it is the whole world and everybody is very excited.
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>> fans have to get there first. traffic is expected to be jammed more than usual thanks to construction and lane closures on downtown arteries. public transportation might be a good option. mta says it is a good time for people to get used to the new charm card. >> no need to worry about paper tickets or exact change. just touched the card and go and the fare is automatically deducted. cardu can geta ca charm and cvs or giant. >> you can catch the new york jets and the miami dolphins tonight during sunday night football. the game air is right here, followed by 11 news. will have extended ravens coverage in our ravens wrap up. the search continues for the
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gunmen involved in the saturday morning shooting. shots were heard shortly before 5:00 a.m. in the 3400 block of hayward avenue. a man was shot a number of times in the chest. no word on a motive. police in annapolis have arrested charles wallace for a shooting this sent a 30 free world managed to shock trauma -- a 34 year old man to shock trauma. wallace shot the man just before 5:30. no word on a possible motive in that case. a 5k run will be held in honor of yeardley love. notre dame is hosting a raise it to build a field in her name. carla hayd is george huguely is scheduled to
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appear in a hearing in january. >> governor martin o'malley is endorsed by the largest union. earlier this week, the fraternal order of police gave its endorsement to bob ehrlich. eased 72%.ased says the campaign unemployment rate has increased in the last year. you can learn more about the candidates and their claims by logging on to our website,, click on politics. dr. carla hayden, executive director of the enoch pratt free library, will be our guest.
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if you have a question, illinois your questions to s-- email your questions to >> coming up, how to eat like a raven? >> it is the perfect time to check-in weather experts on how to manage your money -- with our experts on how to manage your money. >> and a couple of the day -- it wil
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>> now your 11 insta-weather forecast. >> the time is nine minutes after 9:00. we have light rain in baltimore city right now. 65 degrees downtown. the barometric pressure is at 30.02.
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a wet start. and looks like the rainshowers well continue off and on throughout the afternoon. take the rain gear with you. doppler is showing light to moderate rain up and down the interstate 95 corridor. the yellow and orange and parts of western baltimore county and parts of western howard county. to rise and out from their west, out to hagerstown. nothing going on -- it dries out to the west. i think the rain will catch up to everybody at some point throughout the day today. earlier this morning, but clouds have been thickening appeared with the winds shifted to the north, it will keep the temperatures much cooler than the last couple days. we will chop off a good 15-20 degrees. in the 60's around the city.
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66 in rock hall. we should be able to sneak into the low 70's this afternoon, but it will be a struggle. off and on rain showers are likely. sunset at 6:57. if you are going to the game, it is a 1:00 kickoff, the temperatures in the 71 or 72. take the rain gear if you are going to the game. i do not think it will wash out the entire game. temperatures will drop back into the upper 50's and close 60's. during the day tomorrow, more the same. a warm front will be dragged through the middle atlantic region. the northeast wind should hold the temperatures back in the low 70's. a chance for rain on monday morning for your commute. maybe a thunderstorm on tuesday,
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with the high near 76. it clears out on wednesday. another friend comes through on thursday. cooler temperatures for the weekend it, with overnight lows in the 40's. >> there is plenty of news ahead this morning, including of visit from the executive director of the enoch pratt free library. >> the hottest fall finds for your wardrobe. >> here is a look at the events going on around town this weekend. ♪
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>> that is a scene from the new movie "wall street, money never sleeps." michael douglas steps into the role of gordon gecko once again. what lessons have we learned since the first movie opened 23 years ago? joining us is an independent trader. you left wall street in the 1990's. why did you leave? >> it appeared the model was
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broken. it was more about the firms as opposed to the customer. i do not think that is the way it should be on both sides of the trade. >> having had the opportunity to see both movies, do they have an accurate depiction of the greed on wall street? >> it was an incredible documentary, particularly the first one. it was right down the line. operated exactly the way wall street operates. it was well researched. they did a tremendous job. there was a lot of excitement at the time. everything was fresh, and it was a good to go. it was an excellent addition, the first movie. the second movie, the sequel was also -- it was good as well. its share the results of the greed scenario, if it goes too far, which we did. that is where we are at right now. >> we have seen it come up with
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what has been happening in the regulations, the bailouts, what happened with the green on wall street from your inside knowledge? >> greed is good. this is part of the capitalist system, but the product has to be good as well. products on wall street on esoteric and not many people understand them, even the institutional buyers. they were buying things they did not understand. and wall street did. and those things should have been regulated so we did not get too far. according to gordon gekko greed is good, but the product has to be good as well. wall street, because of the nature of the beast, it definitely has to have a leash on it. >> you think that what is happening with the new government regulations has been
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a good thing? have we learned some lessons? >> unfortunately, when things move to extremes, you go from one end of the spectrum to another. i believe there is far too much regulation. it is a fact of life. there is way too much regulation oat this juncture. we are in a capitalist economy. that is what supplies jobs. >> you said they need a leash. >> but not to the point where you shut them down. there are good people on wall street. bad eggs got washed out. joesor the average who want to invest, what advice to them, to make sure they are not affected by the mess? >> they need to assume responsibility for their own
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destiny as well as anybody else in a free market environment. that is not to put the weight of the world on the little guy. they certainly need professionals to help them. but a friend of mine told me that the hardest part is keeping your money as opposed to making it. and so i think, the little guy found out they could make money na,ough the wall street arean but they did not know on the other end of the trade they could lose the money. nobody runs your money better than you. they need to essentially focus on that particular element. >> understand your risks. >> no doubt. >> thank you so much for coming in. stay with us. sundayt, your carla haymarlo gardner. >> alas poor york. out, poor york.
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we will be back on "sun
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>> good morning and welcome to your "sunday gardner". again today, we are out in the yard. today, we will talk about. >> deer pressure. >> there are plenty out there in plenty of gardens. >> we have not had much of a problem of deer.
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i live off an open field, so i do a couple of things. i tried to plan plants that are resistant -- lavender, plants that are scented are successful. >> deer sometimes break the rules. >> they do not seem to care about. >> you can try. no is a good time to put perennials and. you might want to think in terms of resistance plants. >> we also have -- this is a heavy corded ribbon, about 100 foot long. >> like crime scene tape. it has a chemical in it. >> it has the deer stopper in
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it. once you have this, they give you the active ingredients and you can pour it into your quart and pay half the price. >> and recharge. it is not look like it can stop anything, but if anything, it is 30 inches above. >> that is enough to keep them off. liquid scent works well. you'll have to use it every 30 days. it needs a bit of a while film on it the first day. >> if you have a garden that smells wonderful, you will give that up. >> one thing i should mention about the deerstalker is it is safe on vegetables and fruit.
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it has a nice smelling herbs in it. it is relatively safe. >> to read the instructions on any of this we talk about. >> this is a repellent that works by a scent on these base stations. >> it spread s the scent. >> there is fun stuff, like this scarecrow sprinkler. as the deer walks up, the sprinkler goes off. >> if one of the kids or the dog does the same thing, it will go off. it is good for at night. >> having dogs in the yard helps keeps them away. a fence works. deer netting. different from pond netting. >> one last shot before winter time. >> as long as they are not
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eating your plants, i love them in my yard. it is when they start munching on hydrangeas that i have an issue. >> thank you for joining as on your "sunday gardner". next week, we will be back with more. we will see you then. >> if you have a garden question, send it to "sunday gardner", 3800 hooper avenue, baltimore, maryland, 21211. >> it is 61 degrees. coming up, the executive director of the enoch pratt free library will join us. >> we have a little bit of rain out there. it will be much cooler than the last couple of days. we will have the 7 day forecast coming up next.
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>> live, local, and late-
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breaking, this wbal tv 11 news sunday morning. >> welcome back. thank you for joining us today. >> let's take all look outside with tony. >> a big change in the weather today. it will be a lot cooler. yesterday, we is sunshine and temperatures in the nine depots. hd doppler is showing a steady line of showers up and down the interstate 95 quarter, moving from the southeast -- southwest to the northeast. it will stick around through the morning hours and parts of the afternoon. the forecast -- off and on the showers. high temperatures and below 70's. -- in the low 70's. >> time now for our sunday morning "q&a". joining us is dr. carla hayden.
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good morning. the library is having to keep up with technology these days because more and more people are turning to online materials. let's talk about how the library is keeping up and offering more tech-savvy mt. airy. >> is an exciting time because we are doing all kinds of things. we have younger people on staff who are helping us keep up-to- date. one of the most exciting things we have is a real presence on the social networking arena appear. we are on facebook. we are on twitter. we are on foursquare. that attracts a lot of patrons. >> tell me about your smart phone application. >> that is our newest. i am starting to like this myself. it is for iphone is ans and
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droids. we are working on the blackberry. you can put our library right on your iphone. you can look up your account and see if you are overdue. you can renew books. you can look at what is going on in terms of our program incurred you can also talk to us 24/7. it is called "ask the librarian." we call it the fuzzy slipper server. you can be in your slippers and we can. >> how has traffic in the library been affected by all of this online offerings you have? >> it is interesting, because i work in person attendance has increased. -- because our in person
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attendance has increased. that is a 90% increase over last year. people are coming into not only check out materials by use our wi-fi. oliver 21 branches have wi-fi. -- all of our 21 branches have wi-fi. we have laptops that you can check out in the library. you cannot take them home, but you can use them in the library, even at our new coffee shop. you can sit on the floor, anywhere you want to. >> a lot of people now are using kindles and e-readers. is the library keeping up with the times? >> that has been an explosion. over 2 million people check out books and doing that, but now you can download from our website books for e-readers. they will disappear in three
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weeks. you do not have to worry about returning them. they will disappear. you can get some bestsellers and some older books, too. >> we have some questions centering around amnesty. "i checked out a book and began an intense series of chemo. now that i am better, will i be able to return the book and check out books again? i was in good standing before the treatment." >> we have a cap on the amount of the fine. also, if you can talk to us about whatever issue you have, and we make arrangements. i would encourage this reader to call my office. that is not a problem. >> i have heard of people have the materials but are afraid to bring them back because they do not know what the fine is. what is the cap? >> the cap is $5 per item.
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>> what? >> they think it must be $100 for five months. no. it is $5 per item. >> what if you lost it? if you paid to replace the item? >> you pay for what the item was worth at that time and we do not charge interest. even if you cannot pay for that, you can make out arrangements. we would rather have you in good standing in use our services. >> i wanted to ask you, you said that he saw an increase in traffic throughout the recession the thing that people are coming into use your job seeking material? >> we know that people are applying for jobs online. there is an estimate that 85% of all types of jobs require you to online.a an application we have people who have never
9:35 am
used computers before but who need to apply for a job and they are coming in to all of our locations. our staff will work with you. if you have not used a computer, we will help you get on line. and we also have workshops on how to do a resume, how to interview, how to make sure you are ready for the workplace. >> thank you for being here today. do not go away. first, here is a look at what is coming up on "meet the press" with david gregory. good morning. >> live from new york, republicans unveiled their pledge to america. but will be enough to persuade voters to hand congress back to the gop? joining us is the chairman of the democratic campaign committee and mike pence as well. we will have a secretary of education arne duncan, michelle
9:36 am
rhee, and president of the american federation of teachers and a representative of the
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>> now your 11 insta-weather- plus forecast. >> welcome back. the time is 9:38. 64 degrees. 65 downtown. the barometric pressure is rising at 30.02. we had a little bit of rain to start the day. quite a change from the last couple days. today will be more football-type weather. we will have to to rainshowers into the picture. in light to moderate range up and down the interstate 95 quarter. here in howard county, near
9:39 am
ellicott city and colombia. the rain is inching its way to the east. the rainshowers will be around at least through this morning. if you are going to the ravens game, i would take the rain gear. it may not be a steady rain all the way through to the fourth quarter, but at one point or another during the game, there will be rainshowers. it will cut off and the far western suburbs, into the northern part of carroll county. the clouds are thickening up. it will be difficult for the temperatures to recover. right now, we are in the upper 50's and low 60's. it is 62 in a randallstown. 66 degrees in rock hall. rainshowers likely, off an on through the day today. if we are lucky, we may sneak in some below 70's.
9:40 am
if you are going to the ravens game, at 1:00 kickoff time, the temperatures should be around 71 degrees. there is a chance for rainshowers during a game. and northeast wind at 10 miles per hour. showers in the forecast tonight. temperatures in the low 50 -- upper 50's. for monday, a chance for rain in the forecast for the commute. the high temperatures will be in the low 70's. it might be a little bit warmer on tuesday, but with a chance for the thunderstorm in the forecast. a front comes through on thursday, that should not the temperatures back into the 60's. overnight lows into the 40's. >> whether you are buying something new, our fashion stylist is here. you brought along some
9:41 am
beautiful model. >> you do not have to toss everything. some things are still in style. fashion is a cyclical. refresh. maybe some pieces to put away right now. this is an office look. you can surely take this from day to evening with just a change of accessories or adding a dark denim skinny jean. a lot of women going to the office look for those camisole tops. this has a statement already. paired with a military-style jacket. these are separate. the pencil skirt and the jacket are separate. you can wear them at several different ways in your wardrobe. we are looking at the top handle bag. they are big. platform pumps. you have a pair of platform
9:42 am
wedges today. they are far more comfortable. >> the military look, it was the year before that was sent. >> that is the thing. fashion is cyclical. it is a matter of what is right for your body shape. >> i can shop my closet. yay!. >> we are talking about the oversized, comfortable sweaters. the cross by the handbag, the leather jacket and this guinea -- the skinny cargo. >> if you have more curves, look for tops that hit around your hip or just past your hip. the 1970's? all these looks are affordable.
9:43 am
they are available at t.j. max. they balance out your body. we are looking at clogs, the crossbody bad, thg, the longer sweater. we are also seeing that textured tweed jackets. they have been around forever, but they are more affordable. we got this a jacket for $49. >> this is a beautiful, but on somebody like me, i look 20 years older. >> not every trend is for everybody. it is like a lot of people love the animal prints. sometimes it will look better on your top half orthan your bottom half. i love tj maxx. i can take the store with me. it is rich eggplant in the
9:44 am
heel and the bag. it adds more color. next up, rocker chic for evening. >> we are seeing a lot more of the -- we are not talking michael jackson style. but a touch of the motocross jacket. the jacket is selling for $500 and we scooped it up for $150. it could be pleather. you can play with yohow you add to your wardrobe. jeans with clogs. refresh with and few new pieces in your wardrobe. do not spend a lot. >> come back. i am happy to hear that the boyfriend jacket is out. >> we are breaking up with it.
9:45 am
the boyfriend blazer was baggy. >> make dresses with sleeves. >> we are looking for that in our wardrobe. >> up next, we are in the kitchen for "sunday brunch", but first, last night's winning lottery numbers.
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gecko: ah, thank you, sir. as we all know, geico has been saving people money on rv, camper and trailer insurance... well as motorcycle insurance...
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gecko: oh...sorry, technical difficulties. boss: uh...what about this? gecko: what's this one do? gecko: um...maybe that one. ♪ dance music boss: ok, let's keep rolling. we're on motorcycle insurance. vo: take fifteen minutes to see how much you can save on motorcycle, rv, and camper insurance. >> welcome back. is our favorite time of the morning, "sunday brunch". joining us is the classic catering people, the official caterers for the ravens. thank you for coming in. before we get into the cooking, you are the official caterers for the ravens. you prepare all of their meals during practices.
9:49 am
you are not doing it during the game today, right? we cannot blame it on you if they are out of energy. but what would you prepare typically? let's say you are catering for practice or after practice? >> we tried to have two different proteins, a fresh vegetables, a starch, rice and beans, and then we always have a salad borrower, fresh fruit. give them specific orders? >> he does not like hot dogs. but he liked turkey burgers. today we are making jumbo shrimp with turkey andouille sausage. >> andouille sausage. any other substitutes, in case people cannot find it? >> you can get andouille sausage anywhere. the turkey sausage has less fat
9:50 am
and sodium. you can find that at a whole foods or a wegmans. >> he does actually speak. you sauteed vegetables ahead of time. >> we will add the shrimip. p. we cooked the shrimp ahead of time so it did not overcook. he will let them cook down a little bit. he will eventually add the sliced tomatoes. >> you do not make any kind of a rue with this. >> now with this. that is more fattening. that has butter and flour. we use extroversion all of oil to keep -- extra virgin olive oil to keep everything low-fat.
9:51 am
>> when you are cooking for an athlete, you have to think about those types of things. at home, you might put the butter and flour in. when you cook for an athlete, you want the pertain -- the protein. >> he is adding salt and pepper. >> what is old bay? now i put it on everything. >> we are adding some chili sauce and worcestershire sauce. he will eventually add the rice and some chicken stock. he is mixing it up right now. >> we will add the rest of it in a second. let's put up the address if you want to get this recipe. there are a lot of ingredients. you can send us a self-addressed stamped envelope to 3800 hooper
9:52 am
avenue, baltimore, maryland. where are we at? >> traditional jambalaya uses white rice. we use brown rice. oreis healthier, mior fiber. let this cook and heat through. >> how long would you leave it before you serve it? >> 20 minutes. the longer you let it cook, the better -- it will be more favorable. i will let it cook down a little bit more before you add the rice. >> you can adjust the kick if you want. >> we add tobasco. the players like it a little bit spicy. andave hot saucea n
9:53 am
texas pete. >>
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>> welcome back. here is the finished product from the classic catering people. we are making jambalaya. is there a special name? >> mixed jambalaya. jambalaya. >> there is shrimp, do a little bit of a recap. >> peppers, onions, old bay, andouille sausage. >> a little less fat because he did not put the run in. e in. mostly cloudy skies, speaking of
9:56 am
the ravens, there could be showers during the game. the high temperatures will be in the low 70's this afternoon. a big change from yesterday. thank you for coming in. we appreciate it. >> "meet the press" is up next. have a great day. >> bye- bye. >> following breaking news and whether any time at stay connected with us on facebook and twitter.
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four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do.

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